Water Park

Inflatable Water Park Details:

Product name: Inflatable Water Park
Brand: Hamster Water Ball
Components, Size & Quantity: See below
Material: 0.9mm PVC & 0.6mm PVC(for the pipes)
Colors: yellow, orange, blue, red, green, etc.
Package: double package, PVC Tarpaulin Bag + Weaving Bag
Delivery Way: by express, by air or by sea
Delivery time: according to your delivery way
Repair kits: repair material, glue, etc.
Price: contact us
Payment: PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union or Cash
Usage: in lake, water park, pool or seaside
Age recommendations: 7 years or above
Accessories: CE/UL air pump
Note: none


Components, Size&Quantity:

inflatable iceberg—————————5mL*4mW*3.7mH—————-1pc
inflatable iceberg—————————3.3mL*2.3mW*1.8mH————1pc
water totter (single lane) —————–3.2mL*1mW———————–1pc
water totter (double lane)—————–3.2mL*1.8mW———————1pc
inflatable saturn rocker——————–4.2m*2.8mH———————–1pc
water trampoline combo:
trampoline———————————–5m dia.——————————2pcs
Log——————————————-6mL*0.65m dia.——————–2pcs
inflatable pipe——————————–0.23 dia.*4L———————-16pcs


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