Water Parks

Inflatable Water Park, Aqua Park Inflatable:

Inflatable water park is a very exciting and interesting water game for adults and children. Players can climb on, sit on, and walk on the different parts of it like inflatable iceberg, trampoline, slides, totters, and so on. The 0.9mm commercial grade reinforced PVC tarpaulin(waterproof & flame resistance) is used to make all the water games. The sizes and colors can also be custom-made according to your requirements.

Inflatable Water Park     Big Inflatable Iceberg       Inflatable UFO         Inflatable Trampoline


Small Inflatable Iceberg  Inflatable Water Seesaw  Trampoline Slide    Inflatable Floating Tube


      Inflatable Pillow              Water Slide              Water Totter                  Paddle Boat


Floating Water Park


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