Human Hamster Ball

water ball(hamster human ball, human hamster ball, humansized hamster ball, or water walking ball) is a large inflatable sphere that allows a person, real human being inside it to walk across the surface of water. The giant inflatable ball is usually two-meter in diameter and has a zippered entrance to allow for easy entry and exit. All of our water balls are equipped with TIZIP zippers from Germany. The water ball is similar to the zorb, but it has only one layer and is designed for water travel rather than down-hill rolling.

Item                     Material                      Size

WB-1   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)     

WB-2   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-3   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-4   Clear (transparent) 1.0mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-5   Clear (transparent) 1.0mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-6   Clear (transparent) 1.0mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

Transparent PVC water balls are most popular. International buyers, wholesalers and package buyers please contact us for shipping quote.

WB-7   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)  human in a clear giant ball

WB-8   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-9   Clear (transparent) 0.8mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-10   Clear (transparent) 1.0mm TPU    2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-11  Clear (transparent) 1.0mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-12  Clear (transparent) 1.0mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)

If you would like to know more about the difference between PVC and TPU please see FAQ.

WB-13   Full-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)      pink full-colorred water walking ball

WB-14   Full-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-15   Full-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-16   Full-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-17   Full-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)      orange water ball

WB-18   Full-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-19   Full-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-20   Full-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-21   Full-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)purple full-colored giant bubble

WB-22   Full-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-23   Full-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-24   Full-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)

**The color you can choose includes clear(transparent), red, yellow, blue, green, apple green, pink, black, orange, purple, etc.

WB-25   Half-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)     Red strip human hamster ball

WB-26   Half-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-27   Half-Colored** 0.8mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-28   Half-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-29   Half-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft) Green stripped  water walking ball

WB-30   Half-Colored** 1.0mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-31   Half-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-32   Half-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-33   Half-Colored** 0.8mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)Blue strip hal-colored water ball

WB-34   Half-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-35   Half-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-36   Half-Colored** 1.0mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)

TPU water ball also comes with different colors for you to choose including clear(transparent), red, yellow, blue, green, apple green, pink, black, orange, purple, etc.

WB-37   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)      Red thin strip human hamster ball

WB-38   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-39   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-40   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm PVC     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-41   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm PVC     2.5M (8.20ft)     yellow strip ball

WB-42   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm PVC     3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-43   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-44   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-45   Color-Stripped** 0.8mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)blue thin strip ball

WB-46   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm TPU     2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-47   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm TPU     2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-48   Color-Stripped** 1.0mm TPU     3.0M (9.84ft)

Each item number shows the material and the size of the water ball. When you order, PLEASE TELL US WHAT COLOR (pattern) you like if you order the color ball.

WB-49   Soccer-Patterned** 0.8mm PVC    2.0M (6.56ft)     Black soccer-patterned water walking ball

WB-50   Soccer-Patterned** 0.8mm PVC    2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-51   Soccer-Patterned** 0.8mm PVC    3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-52   Soccer-Patterned** 1.0mm PVC   2.0M (6.56ft)

WB-53   Soccer-Patterned** 1.0mm PVC   2.5M (8.20ft)

WB-54   Soccer-Patterned** 1.0mm PVC   3.0M (9.84ft)

WB-ZIP  German TIZIP Zipper                  90CM          German TIZIP Zippper

If you can’t find the right size, we can also custom-made different sizes for you or print your logo on all the inflatables.

Other Water Ball Details:

Size: 1.5m(5ft), 2m(6.6ft), 2.5m(8ft), 3m (10ft)Diameter etc.
Material: 0.8mm/1.0mm PVC or 0.7mm/ 1.0mm TPU.(thickness)
Zipper : Standard TI zip(Germany Zipper )
Colors: Clear(Transparent),Red,Yellow,Blue,Green, Apple Green,Pink, Black,Orange,Purple
Package: Transparent Wrapping Film+210D Oxford bag + Carton
Package size: 62*47*35cm
Package Weight: 12.5kg(1.5m)/14kg (2m)/21kg(2.5m)/29kg(3m)
Delivery Way: DHL/FedEx
Delivery time: 3-5 Business Days
Payment : Credit Card, Paypal, Bank Transfer
Accessories: CE/UL Inflatable Blower or Pump
Repair Kits: Included, PVC/TPU Material, Zip Oil, Glue


  • Shipping is NOT included in our price. Buyer is responsible for the shipping cost.
  • 15-day free replacement. Please refer to our return/replacement policy at FAQ.
  • Repair kits are included.
  • Prices are subject to sales tax in Texas.
  • All water balls are equipped with German TIZIP.
  • Custom Tariff Number for balls: 9503008900; for blowers: 84145199

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